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Day Two Tuesday June 24, 2014

Ni Hao! It’s Naida and Sameiya sharing day 2 of our Student Mission Trip to China. Today, we started out bright and early with a wakeup call at 6:00am, followed by breakfast which began at 7:00am. This morning’s breakfast was our little taste of home with things like sausage and hash browns.

After breakfast, off we marched through the Beijing Language and Culture University; it was a very interesting sight to see might we add. Then we started our first lecture of the day on China’s Political System and Economic Development. This lecture really piqued our interest and highlighted why China is structured the way that it is. The lecture covered both ancient and modern China and helped us see and understand the many different Chinese viewpoints including their many government systems and their power structure.

Then came the fun and interactive lecture where we learned the basics of the Chinese Language, greetings and etiquette such as Ren Shi Ni Hen Gao Xing (which means “nice to meet you”). This was by far, our favorite lecture because the teacher was engaging and held all of our interests.

Immediately following our last lecture of the day, our hosts from the Beijing Language and Culture University presented us with gifts including a Chinese scroll and a certificate of completion from the University during our closing ceremony. How cool right, that we became college “alumni” in two days! After the closing ceremony, we headed to the Summer Palace which is also known as the Green Garden. The Palace was made for Emperor Pudong, and its sits on Kunming Lake. We had the opportunity to ride on a dragon boat and to climb to the top of the Palace to take in all of the beautiful scenery and the wonderful breeze.

Finally, we made it to dinner and let’s just say that it was interesting. We can’t believe that it’s out last day in Beijing already; we truly enjoyed China’s capital city and all that the city of Beijing has to offer.

Sameiya Bogan and Naida Langdon