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Day Five Friday June 27, 2014

“Zao Shang Hao!” I hope you guys all slept well, because I know that I did. Well, to start off my morning, I woke up and got in the shower. You know, to refresh myself and be ready for the eventful day ahead of me. After I got out of my wonderful shower, I looked for the iron to make my clothes perfect & presentable. That's where my morning took a turn; I just couldn't find an iron no matter how many people I asked. Remind you, it's already 7:25am in the morning and we have to be in the lobby at 7:45am for breakfast. So, I had to go to Ms. Parker's room after asking about 5 people whether they had an iron or not and disturb her from getting ready just to find an iron there all along. Now, it's about 7:30am and I am nowhere near dressed, I’m in my robe and house shoes, so you already know that I'm going crazy! I finally get to my room with the iron, and I’m so relieved. After everything that happened, I was able to get completely ready by 7:43am, leaving me with 2 minutes to get down to the lobby.

Now, I'm at breakfast, which went by pretty fast in my opinion. I ate yellow rice with red peppers and I must say, I WAS NOT disappointed with it and I also had a side of sprite. After everybody was done with breakfast we had to meet in the lobby, to head to the first of three lectures. We arrived to the Teaching Building, where we will spend the day learning about the history of China and its connections with the U.S. Our first lecturer, Mr. Li Degui, gave us a warm welcome and then jumped straight into the lecture. In this particular lecture we learned about how Confucius was an enthusiastic politician in the late spring and autumn and how he was a model educator for thousands of years; how Laozi was an official historian, a legendary hermit 2500 years ago, and the writer of Dao De Jing. I could go on and on and on, the lecture was just so detailed and thorough, I can honestly say I learned a lot from this. I walked out of this lecture feeling good about it, knowing that I took some knowledge away from it.

We had a little break to recuperate and get our minds back on track, and then it was time for the next lecture. This lecture was with Dr. Jeffrey J. Guo and he talked about China’s social development and anti-poverty efforts. He discussed the importance of poverty, the part it plays in China and the source of poverty in China. The lecture was just as detailed as the first. I could barely come up with questions; he either answered them during the lecture or clarified them before I could even raise my hand. Dr. Guo made this lecture really fun & interesting and that's something I really enjoy in the classroom. 

Here comes the last lecture of the day *sigh of relief*, woohoo! This lecture was given by Dr. Dongjin Chen about China's International Policy and Relationship with U.S. Now although this lecture wasn't as fun as the last, boy was it filled with information! It was a bit lengthy but I absolutely loved this lecture. Overall, all the lectures had something you could take from it and none of them disappointed me. They were all interesting in their own way and it's something that I couldn't learn anywhere else.

Here comes the really fun part, the Xixi Wetlands and the museum! We went around the Wetlands & Museum and it was actually a nice sight. This was followed by dinner, and that wrapped up our 5th day in China. I want to end my blog with a quote that stuck out to me today..."when three men walk together there is always something you can learn. Choose to follow what is good in them and correct what is not good." Zaijian you guys!

~Emmanuel Oliver