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Monday  Monday June 30, 2014

Hi, this is Ashley and Tierra coming to you live from Hangzhou, China! First, we started off the day with breakfast and a lecture from Mr. Bennett Peng entitled “Solar Energy: Technology & Application, Photovoltaic, Cell & Panel Manufacturing.” Towards the ending of his seminar, Mr. Peng provided a demonstration of how solar energy actually works. Our second lecture was entitled “Electric Vehicle: China’s Plan & Recent Development, Battery, Power Train & Control System” by Zhang Qi which talked about the various aspects of electric cars including their benefits and the amount of time it’s takes to charge them. Next, we ate lunch and visited Zhejiang University.

At Zhejiang University, we got the opportunity to speak with some of their students about both their college and personal experiences. Towards the end of our visit, we took numerous selfies and showed them how to play various hand and internet games. After leaving Zhejiang University, we ate dinner and then drove to see “The Romance of the Song Dynasty.” At the performance location, we were surrounded like celebrities as the people rushed towards us to take pictures. The performance began at 7:20pm and it was AMAZING, complete with belly dancers, soldiers, dancing lily pads, emperors, etc. all telling the history of Hangzhou. Finally, we ended the night taking pictures with the statues, temples and pictures.

~Ashley Parker and Tierra Richardson