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July 1 Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Today wasn't a day full of lectures and deep thinking and learning like the others. It was sort of a calm day. We started our morning with the typical Chinese style breakfast. After enjoying that we boarded the travel bus which drove us to Wanxiang’s PV and EV facilities, where we visited and toured for a few hours. Our welcome to Wanxiang was marvelous! Mr. Shu Qing Qi, Head of Human Resources, had a wonderful display set out for us which included water, coke and almond milk. We engaged in a conversation about how the company, which was founded in 1969, is the largest independent auto parts manufacturing company in China. Which we found awesome! We discovered that Wanxiang is one of the top ranked national technical institutes. We closed out this event, with a tour of the exhibition hall which showcased some of the things that Wanxiang has built and is building. These items included things like cars, batteries and a full solar powered bus, which was designed and built at the Wanxiang facilities.

Afterwards we went to lunch at the 51 Fengxiang Restaurant. We were served interesting yet good food. We are still getting used to seeing duck tongue sitting in front of us at the dinner table but each day that we see it, it gets easier to look at without scrunching up our faces. Following lunch we went back to Hangzhou Wanxiang Polytechnic (our hotel) where we were supposed to play Ping-Pong with some of the Wanxiang student ambassadors but unfortunately we couldn't because it was exam day for them. So instead we simply relaxed in our rooms until it was time for dinner. Immediately following dinner we attended a dough sculpturing class. During the class, we learned how to sculpt pandas out of clay-dough. At first it was challenging to master but we made do. We are wrapping up our eventful yet exciting day by just relaxing in our hotel rooms watching movies and hanging out with our fellow ambassadors and we are eager for the upcoming days.

Though our once in a lifetime trip is ending in 3 days, we are positive that there are much more fun, energizing and knowledge gaining events planned for us within the short time we have left. We couldn't have had this outstanding and extravagant opportunity without the Chicago Urban League, United Airlines, the China United States Exchange Foundation, Wanxiang America and many more supporters. We’re not even sure that everyone who helped us get to this place, here in China, can understand what a life changing opportunity we have at the grasp of our fingertips. So thank you all, for changing our lives forever and for the better. Until we get back to the States, Zaijian (goodbye)!   

~Caleb Smith & Kameron Irvin