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July 4 Friday July 4, 2014

It's our last day on our wonderful journey in China. It started off as a rough morning trying to get everything together while preparing to leave Hangzhou, where we were staying at Hangzhou Wanxiang Polytechnic. Eating breakfast and saying goodbye to the amazing student ambassadors and the beautiful people who helped make it our lovely home away from home for eight days was difficult. As the day progressed we traveled to the Wuzhen Water Village, where there was plenty to explore. We saw many people living their regular lives right in the middle of a tourist attraction, bridges that took us to many cultural artifacts, including royalty beds that looked pretty comfy. Even though it was raining, it was still a great opportunity to see something that was important to the Chinese culture. After eating lunch in the village, we headed to Shanghai were we took a culture tour of the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition. While exploring the exhibition, we learned many valuable facts and viewed models that provided us a glimpse into China’s future. The place was so great; we saw a whole model of Shanghai and all of the wonderful details that they put into their lovely city.


The tour guide was so nice that he decided to take us to the Nanjing Road where we saw many stores which reminded us of an outdoor shopping mall. When shopping concluded, it was time to eat our last dinner together as tomorrow we will be departing back to Chicago to meet our families. We laughed, joked around and shared many memories as we prepare to make our journey back home. But our day hadn’t ended, we were surprised with an gorgeous boat cruise around the Huangpu River where we had a chance to look at all the buildings with their unique and different styles and lights that reminded us of back home, even though there were no fireworks and we couldn't spend the Fourth of July with our families, nothing can replace the joy and happiness of the great opportunity of visiting China and experiencing an once in a life time chance to make our dreams possible, thank you to all of the sponsors and Happy Fourth of July !


~MiKayla Martinez