• Project Ready Middle School Program  

    The focus of the Project Ready-Middle School track is to prepare students for the transition to high school. Middle school students move through four modules designed to prepare them for high school and build the early foundation for college readiness.
    Module 1 – High School Preparation: a six-week module designed to help students navigate high school, build supportive relationships, respond to peer pressure and bullying and overcome personal and environmental obstacles to success.

    Module 2 – Financial Literacy: a six-week module using the Junior Achievement “It’s My Business” curriculum.

    Module 3 – Health and Wellness: a four-week module that introduces students to healthy living behaviors (healthy eating, exercise, healthy food preparation).

    Module 4 – STEM: Following a two-week summer camp to build interest and enthusiasm in STEM topics, the twelve-week academic year module is designed to introduce students to STEM academics and career paths. Each year’s activities and guest speakers are based on a rotating theme, beginning with “science,” then moving to “technology,” “engineering” and finally “math.”

    This school based program currently operates out of Benjamin E. Mays Academy, Wells Preparatory Academy, Mollison Elementary School and Charles H. Wacker Elementary School. The program operates during the school year.