• Project Ready High School
    Project Ready-High School: The focus of the Project Ready-High School track is to prepare students for the transition to college. The Project Ready curriculum is comprised of three broad learning areas: Academic Achievement, Social Development and College Culture. Within each learning area, lessons, activities, assessments and specific learning objectives are provided to guide the bi-monthly educational sessions. 

    Grades 9-11: Students participate in the Academic Achievement and Social Development lessons. For the “Academic Achievement” section, students are assessed on their math, reading and writing competencies and provided group tutoring to improve their performance in these areas. For the “Social Development” section, students build internal assets by participating in sessions designed to improve their academic and study skills, peer relationships, leadership and self-advocacy skills, financial literacy and cultural competency. 
    Grade 12: Students participate in the “College Culture” lessons. High school seniors participate in college preparation workshops designed to explore academic programs, admission requirements, financial aid and similar “college readiness” topics.

    The program operates during the school year, is open to all high school students.