PNC Bank

    PNC, a financial services company, has supported the Chicago Urban League for more than 20 years. PNC has provided significant financial support to the League’s programming and signature fundraising events. In the following Q&A, Ina Murray, Executive Vice President, Head of Retail Banking, discusses why PNC partners with the League and her own personal commitment to the communities PNC and the League serve together.

    Ina Murray, Executive Vice President, Head of Retail Banking, PNC Bank
    Ina Murray, Executive Vice President, Head of Retail Banking, PNC Bank

    What is your role at PNC?
    Executive Vice President, Head of Retail Banking.

    Financial education is at the core of PNC’s culture. In what ways is PNC committed to providing resources that are focused on the financial health and wellbeing of underserved communities?
    From our bilingual “Financial Education for Young People” program, which is developed for children up to age 5 and their caregivers, to products such as Virtual Wallet Student, a checking/savings product built around a money management calendar, PNC is focused on the financial health and wellbeing of our customers and communities. We provide easily-accessible financial education content that is available where and when consumers want it so that they can achieve financial well-being. We also present information that is easily understood and helps consumers make the right choices when facing decisions that affect their short- or long-term wellbeing. PNC also understands the needs of consumers, and offers solutions that help them make the decisions that are most advantageous given their situation.

    Why does PNC Bank partner with the Chicago Urban League? How do you see PNC’s partnership with the Chicago Urban League evolving moving forward?
    In order to offer our programs and workshops, we need partners that are engraved in the communities. The Chicago Urban League is an exemplary community ally that thoroughly understands the financial needs of individuals in the communities we serve together. We also offer a wide range of timely, proprietary and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporate co-branded courses, including Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft, Foundations of Money Management and Raising Money Smart Kids. Our Community Development Banking employees train PNC colleagues to provide brief, interactive presentations for community organizations.

    How long have you served on the Chicago Urban League Board of Directors, and what motivated you to take on this leadership role?
    I am new to the Board of Directors, having joined in the fall of 2016. I know how essential it is to have organizations like the League serving communities, and the impact it can have on making those communities strong and sustainable. The League was a staple in my community. As a youth, I took advantage of opportunities afforded to me through organizations like the League and it transformed my life. The reason I am in banking is because of a Financial Education program I participated in as a youth. The reason I choose to serve and lead on the Board of Directors is because I know from the impact it has had on my life and what impact the League can have on others.

    Why is philanthropy and volunteerism so important to you personally?
    I had the privilege to grow up watching my grandmother become an active advocate in the overall wellbeing of our communities. More than encouragement, her example fully motivated me to engage and give back. PNC’s emphasis on philanthropy and volunteerism from its employees became the perfect complement. PNC’s commitment to early childhood education through our signature program, Grow Up Great, is a great example of opportunities to combine corporate philanthropy with personal volunteerism.