• Are you an African American in the Chicago metro area who is employed in the professional services arena?

    If so, Chicago Urban League’s Policy and Research Department requests your help in completing an on-line survey. The survey will help us learn more about the experiences of African American individuals in this important business sector.

    Professional services is a powerful wealth-creating arena and can provide opportunity for individual and group economic stability. However, minority participation has declined over the last few years. Our study will focus on the motivations, challenges, success factors and barriers in these occupations. We are defining professional services as accounting, law, investment banking, financial services, advertising, consulting, information technology and waste management. For more comprehensive list click here.

    The survey will take approximately 10 minutes and is completely anonymous. The survey can be found at the link below:


    This study, sponsored by Ariel Investments, is being carried out by the Chicago Urban League Policy and Research Department under Vice President David Thigpen. If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to contact the lead researcher Dr. Elsie Harper-Anderson at eharpera@umich.edu. Additionally, project co-manager Tashana Stoudamire can be reached at (773)624-8827 or at tstoudamire@hotmail.com to answer any further questions. Thank you for your time.