• Family Engagement/Fatherhood

    We encourage and create opportunities for positive engagement and communication between African-American fathers, other male role models and youth.

    Parental Engagement Program (PEP)

    PEP is designed to increase the career and educational achievements of entire households. Parents get tips on improving their children’s academic performance and their own communication skills with teachers and administrators. They will also receive information and training on:

    · maximizing their economic potential

    · job counseling

    · credit management

    · home-buying

    · retirement planning

    · saving for college

    Participants are encouraged to form groups of other engaged parents at their children’s schools.

    For information, contact Leslie Drish, Director of Education, at 773-451-3655 or at ldrish@thechicagourbanleague.org.

    African-American Male Adolescent Initiative (AAMAI)

    Youth ages 13 to 18 learn how to transition into manhood through the exploration of:

    · healthy lifestyles

    · personal development

    · educational development

    · career awareness

    · self-empowerment

    AAMAI is offered as part of the League’s Human Capital Development programs.

    For information, contact Bertha Mitchell Smith, Director, Human Capital Development, at 773-624-8801 or at bmitchell@thechicagourbanleague.org.

    Male Involvement Program (MIP)

    MIP offers supportive services to 18- to 40-year-old male role models who are involved in the lives of children. Primary service areas are, but not limited to, the Greater Grand Boulevard and Douglas communities.

    MIP participants receive case management, resources, information and referral services and other strategies to empower African-American men as a means to build strong families.

          • One-on-one assessments and counseling
          • Male-only peer-to-peer sessions
          • Brotherhood and family outings
          • Life skills seminars
          • Inspirational speaker series
          • Mentorship experiences with African-American professionals
          • Inner-city and suburban total immersion programs
          • Boot camp (2 weeks)
          • Post secondary educational options, GED classes
          • Job readiness information sessions
          • Drug and alcohol testing and service referrals
          • Expungement counseling
    For information, contact Bertha Mitchell Smith, Director, Human Capital Development, at 773-624-8801 or at bmitchell@thechicagourbanleague.org