• nextSTEP


    The nextSTEP Business Development program is a 12 week course designed to provide first time entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to operate a successful business enterprise.   Classes take place twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Students who participate in the program will:

    ·       Develop their business’ mission, vision, and core values.

    ·       Develop their business model using the Business Model Canvas

    ·       Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy

    ·       Develop pricing for their product or service

    ·       Develop an operations plan for their business

    ·       Integrate their learnings into a viable business plan

    The program includes:

    ·       3 hours per week of classroom instruction

    ·       Unlimited personalized one-on-one consulting sessions with CUL EC consulting staff

    ·       Assumed Name Registration (for students with unincorporated businesses)

    Shelly Whitehead

    “I had actually been in business for three years prior to taking the nextSTEP program. However, the principles that I learned in the program helped me accelerate my business at a rapid pace.   My freelance legal firm has since grown from a single attorney, myself, to a team of 12 attorneys.”

    Shelley L. Whitehead, LegalBee 

    The ideal student for nextSTEP should:

    ·       Have a recently launched business or have an existing “side hustle” they’d like to turn into a formal enterprise

    ·       Have experience in their business’ industry

    ·       Be able to attend classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights

    ·       Have disposal income for business expenses

    For more information, contact Sandra Brinston at 773-624-8810 or sbrinston@thechicagourbanleague.org