• Office of Education Policy
    The Office of Education Policy leads Chicago Urban League's engagement in the education dialogue of Illinois. It is also a resource for parents, community members and public officials searching for good information about public schools, and education policy.
    Opportunity Compact-Education
    CUL recommends that changes in the state’s public education funding structure be targeted to support the following four priorities:
    • Increasing Expectations for Students
    • Ensuring High Needs Schools have High Quality teachers and Leaders
    • Family Engagement in Learning
    • Ensuring Quality Early Childhood Education

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       Opportunity Compact-Education
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         Race to the Top Briefing

      As of March 5th, Illinois has been
      selected as one of 16 Finalists for the 1st
      Round of Race to the Top Funding.

      In 2009, President Obama announced an unprecedented financial commitment providing States with the opportunity to compete for a portion of $4.35 billion in stimulus funds to support education reform through the Race to the Top Fund. Illinois was one of 41 states that applied for the funding and submitted applications on January 19th. The state is competing for anywhere from $200 - $400 million in much needed funding.

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